The Portrait Process

What will you get?

I work digitally and provide final portrait illustrations in digital format as high resolution JPEG files. Unless we specify initially, you will send it to whichever printing service you’d like to use.

You may print these as many times as you’d like at whichever size you’d prefer. Keep in mind that enlarging an image can result in a loss in quality, depending on the process used. Many vendors can print work at large sizes.

I can have them printed and shipped to you for an additional fee. Please contact me to discuss fees.

You want a portrait? Great! Here’s what’s next.

Please understand that all portrait purchases are nonrefundable. Generally, payment is required up front in full before work begins. In some instances with a larger number of subjects, a 50% non-refundable deposit may be required.

Once you’re on the schedule, we will work with you to find suitable images to work from for the drawings. The larger and more detailed an image you can provide the better. I’m happy to look at photos before you make a commitment to see if they are usable. Unfortunately in some cases, some photos just can’t be used due to poor clarity.

What can you expect after work has begun?

I will provide an initial piece for you to consider. You will have up to five business days to either approve or request revisions.

Black and white portraits include one opportunity for revisions after initial completion. Color portraits include two opportunities for revisions, one of which is provided before the initial completion.

Depending on the complexity of your piece, multiple approvals from you at different stages of the process may be required.

What can you request in a revision?

The great thing about doing work digitally is revisions are far less arduous to do. However, they do take time and effort, so I want to explain a little about what to expect when requesting revisions.

A revision is a minor change. Examples: Can we make Dad’s nose shorter; can you make my cheeks thinner; don’t put the scar on his forehead. Revisions are not starting the drawing over, picking a new pose for your subject, or anything that basically amounts to a new drawing of a subject from square one. These can be done, but there will be an additional cost involved.

What can you do with your portraits?

Finally, your portrait illustrations are for personal use only. Print them as many times as you’d like, as large as you’d like, and give as many away as you want. But please don’t sell items like t-shirts or mugs with the artwork without asking permission. We can discuss licensing options for reproductions intended for sale or fundraising purposes. I’m generally pretty lenient and flexible on these types of things, I just request that you ask first.

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